Our mission is to expand what our community knows about the world of contemporary art. We want to make art a more hands on experience and design programs that will challenge students to think as a group in an effort to create. Where visual art has a tendency to be a more solitary experience, Watershed will create an art space where everyone is a part of a team. Showcases, exhibitions and class graduations will provide a performative experience in which students will literally show their audience how their work is created, making art an event rather than simply a painting on a wall.


Provide Studio Space

Studio space provided with formal application to lease studio space to practicing artists in the area in an effort to promote the expansion of their craft along with exhibition space throughout a year-long space.

Educate Artists & The Public

Expanding the general knowledge to contemporary and conceptual based art with a foundation in visual art concepts, in an effort to make conceptual art practices approachable to a wider audience.


Support Local Art

A space with the main focus on the community of all ages and their interest in the arts. This will provide an opportunity for experimentation and collaborative projects among like-minded individuals with or without experience in said field. Our primary interest is not in selling art but rather creating an experience not currently offered in the area.
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  • Sensor Stimuli: Floor is Lava

    Over the next ten days, we will feature the ten groups of artists creating interactive installations for you to be a part of in the Sensor Stimuli: Fakation, All I Ever Wanted event coming up this May 19th. Photographers and set designers have been given the prompt: “Fakation” (fake vacation). The rest is up to the […]

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  • This is How You Art Live

      Miss class? Here are some resources: the maybe, 2013 by Tilda Swinton Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger from 66 Scenes from America  Vagina Painting, 1965 (Flux Festival) by Shigeko Kubota Anthropométrie de l’époque bleue, 1960 by Yves Klein (Body as a paintbrush) Jackson Pollock The Artist is Present, by Marina Abramovic Berlin Mix, 1993 by […]

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