Sensor Stimuli: Floor is Lava

Over the next ten days, we will feature the ten groups of artists creating interactive installations for you to be a part of in the Sensor Stimuli: Fakation, All I Ever Wanted event coming up this May 19th. Photographers and set designers have been given the prompt: “Fakation” (fake vacation). The rest is up to the imagination, whatever a “fakation” might mean to you. Anything from a backdrop made of a beach scene shower curtain and inflatable pool floats to a void of color, Sensor Stimuli is meant to inspire both the photographer and her subjects.

The first group’s theme is “Floor is Lava” by photographers Kyler Davis and Cat Boyd. Kyler’s photography style is a delicious morphage of the analog and the digital, in his own words, “The Abstractmosphere is an experimental realm of abstraction created by photographing light, then later compositing them on Photoshop. This is my form of abstract expressionism, carried out through a non-traditional medium for the style.”

RSVP for Sensor Stimuli  here and check the blog to daily to learn more about all the artists participating.

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